February 20


Women and Change: Pursue A Life That Excites You

By Dee Scown

February 20, 2018

Once again the universe serves up the subject calling for discussion.

A young woman asked “has anyone changed their career at the age of 30?”

Another discussed the challenges completing studies or creating income after a Chronic Illness has stopped her in her tracks.

I see women changing direction every day, and in the 17 years living in a small country town it has been a joy to watch many women choose a new direction in life and pursue careers in areas they didn’t think possible previously. From Mum at home to nurse or early childhood educator, from farm wife to having their own businesses, photographer, wellness representative, beauty specialist, you name it.

When I was a child our culture of the time was for men to choose a career and stick to it, it was the goal to do 40 years for the company and get your watch. To retire at 65.

As I ventured into Business management and Marketing at University were learned of different cultures, where men and women could choose a career but would also fill positions in other parts of their field so that they understood the entire process.

A new century and millennia and so much is changing so quickly. Technology is advancing so quickly there is no way for formal education to keep up with those changes, such an education no longer guarantees a position on graduation.

There are more women in the workforce and more and more are looking to new careers and their own businesses. 

Entrepreneurship is at an all time high and perhaps women are very quietly leading the way.

Women are more collaborative than ever, supporting and encouraging each other, interacting online, supporting other women. I see posts in Facebook groups saying “I’m looking for a *whatchamacallit* does anyone in here do that or know where I can get one?”

What are you curious about? What piques your interest? Is there a career option, a business or a new field of study that inspires you? Don’t hesitate to pursue it, we are in a time of great change, exciting opportunities, doors opening and you can have a life that excites you.

We are all going to live longer that the previous generation, more years to achieve dreams to keep learning and live wonderful lives. Make those years interesting, make them a story worth telling, one that inspires others to also stretch themselves, and achieve a life worth living.

Have you started a career change? Changed your life's direction? Or perhaps you are considering it but haven't taken the leap just yet. We would love to hear from you in the comment box below, maybe you will motivate and inspire other incredible women with your story. 


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Dee Scown

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My sole purpose is to set women free from the societal and familial constraints that have held them back in their lives.
I do that by inspiring women through business coaching, inspirational and educational speaking, and on a deeper level with Creatrix® Transformology®. I am adept at getting to the root of a woman’s issues and directing her to resolve those challenges, in all areas of her life.

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