About Dee

About Dee

In 2012 I was doing all for everyone, to keep the family afloat.

Working and studying, I ran myself into the ground and was diagnosed with ME/CFS, bedridden for 18 months, unable to care for myself let alone anyone else. A harsh way to be told you need to change, but clearly I wasn’t listening to the whispers!

I found ways to regain most of my health, while my brain ticked over ways to contribute to the family and the finances. Over the following couple of years Learned how to recognise my gifts, and acknowledge all that I had learned in previous decades. 

Seeking out the best to learn from I got the education I needed. This added to previous education, corporate work, and the last 2 plus decades running family businesses. 

Age brings with it the gift of wisdom if you listen, and I am listening more now and passing on those pearls in the hope I can help others avoid the pitfalls, or at the very least mitigate the fallout and move on in success.  

I am a Master Coach with the SMJ Coaching Institute and a published author.

Come with me and create and build the business of your dreams.

Contact me for a Strategy Call and I promise you will go away knowing your next best 5 steps to living your life on your terms.


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