About Dee

In 2012 I was being the classic wife and mother doing all for everyone, seeking ways to keep the family afloat (past marriages had left us starting out broke).

Working my arse off and trying to study at the same time, I ran myself into the ground and was diagnosed with ME/CFS, it left me bedridden for 18 months, unable to care for myself let alone anyone else. It was a harsh way to be told you need to change tack, but clearly I wasn’t listening to the whispers!

Slowly I found ways to regain most of my health, and while unable to do much physically my brain ticked over trying to come up with ways to contribute to the family and the finances. The internet is truly a marvellous thing, and over the following couple of years I stretched myself, learning how to recognise my gifts of intuition and to acknowledge all that I had learned in previous decades. When we are so busy managing the lives of others, we can lose our authentic selves, and I had.  

We are the sum of who we mix with and I have had the most wonderful people come into my life to expand my thinking in recent years. Hands reaching out to pull me back up to where I belong, using my ‘herstory’ of skills from education, corporate work, and in the last 2 decades running family businesses.

All of this I now bring to the table to help others find their way. 

Age brings with it the gift of wisdom if you listen, and I am listening more now and passing on those pearls in the hope I can help others avoid the pitfalls, or at the very least mitigate the fallout and move on in success.  

This year I became a Master Coach with the SMJ Coaching Institute and it is on that platform that I offer my services.

Where are you going in your life and business? Is it all humming like you want it to be? Or is it lacking clarity and drive. Is there a whisper that you are ignoring? Don’t wait until you crash like I did.

Contact me for a custom Quantum call and I promise you will go away knowing your next best step.

Make a change now and choose to live into your future.


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