Where are you going in your life and business? 
Is it all humming like you want it to be? 
Or is it lacking clarity and drive?
Is there a whisper that you are ignoring? 
Don’t wait until you crash like I did.

I’m a mother and wife. I have managed my own successful business for many years. My purpose is to set women free from constraints that have held them back in their lives.

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Why Me? Author, Coach, Mentor

My soul purpose is to set women free from the societal and familial constraints that have held them back in their lives.

I do that by inspiring women through business coaching, inspirational and educational speaking, and on a deeper level with Creatrix® Transformology®. I am adept at getting to the root of a woman’s issues and directing her to resolve those challenges, in all areas of her life.

My own journey has been my greatest teacher. Raised by an emotionally and intellectually abusive father, I went on to make amazingly poor life decisions, each time learning lessons slowly but surely, the hard way.

Strangely that has been a huge blessing in my later years, as I have the ability to understand and relate on a deep level across broad aspects of life.

I held management positions in Retail Leasing in the ‘80’s, with LJ Hooker International, relocating to a position managing engineering proposals on the LADS Project jointly run by the Department of Defence and BHP Engineering, having been selected by KPMG executive assessment, highlighting intellect and innovation as highly useful skills and being described as a data junkie and a multipotentialite.

In the ‘90’s I worked for the Department of Education as a Bursar, and then The Mintaro OCGT Power Plant.

For the past 18 years I have been running the family business, a rural support service for farmers. I am one of only a few women in Australia who are actively involved in the industry.

Additionally, dabbling in many female oriented businesses since a young age, always succeeding to certain levels but left feeling that the male centric training did not fit the way women operate, I was seeking better ways to achieve goals.

In recent years, chronic illness forced me to reset my life goals and directions.

My passion is to save you the heartache I have gone through and help you create the life of your dreams. 

Turn Around And Live Into A New Future 

Want to write a new 'Herstory'?

That is what I am doing and it will be published this year! You can reserve your copy now ready for launch

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Create a Better Reality
For Yourself Today 

What The Heck Is A Quantum Call?

This 30 minute phone call is an opportunity for us to establish a connection, to discover where you are at in your life, work and business and more importantly, where you really want to be.

Knowing how to ask the right questions, I can dig deep to get at what we both need to know, and through that, we can establish your next best step. You will leave that call with a direction and an action.

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