November 4


What The Heck Is A Strategy Call?

By Dee Scown

November 4, 2017

This 30 minute phone call is an opportunity for us to establish a connection, to discover where you are at in your life, work and business and more importantly, where you really want to be.

Knowing how to ask the right questions, I can dig deep to get at what we both need to know, and through that, we can establish your next best step.

You will leave that call with a direction and an action.

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Dee Scown

About the author

My sole purpose is to set women free from the societal and familial constraints that have held them back in their lives.
I do that by inspiring women through business coaching, inspirational and educational speaking, and on a deeper level with Creatrix® Transformology®. I am adept at getting to the root of a woman’s issues and directing her to resolve those challenges, in all areas of her life.

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