September 20


Are You In Business For Yourself?

By Dee Scown

September 20, 2017

Attention Business Women - are you in business for yourself? 

Is it hard to explain to others the commitment involved? 

It is hard for others to imagine what those in business do. The work load is always way more than conventional positions, while employees frequently work very hard they have the backup of an employer when things go wrong.

While the commitment it takes to succeed on your own is so much more, is not an easy deal. 

So why do it they ask?

Entrepreneurs have a need to create and make change, they don't fit a 9 to 5 life, their personal lives will often reflect that as well. They are passionate about the tasks they take on, their families, their interests and their chosen fields of expertise.

They grasp opportunities, concepts and ideas with both hands, pull those apart and rebuild them to create ideas and concepts more to their liking and frequently more to the liking of their clientele .

They are the ones leading change in our society, and if it were not for people with that kind of drive and curiosity then our society and species would not have what we have today.

If you are prepared to work longer hours and at times that others do not? Then you will reach what ever goals you want. You will connect with like minded people and your tribe will both join you and carry you through to the top.

Not sure if that is in you? Then start to look around at who is successful in the area you are passionate about. 

If you want wealth, don’t ask your bank manager how to do it, if he knew, he wouldn’t be working for a bank! You wouldn’t ask a football coach to teach you how to be the best knitter, would you?

Look for the people who live your ideal life, look for people who are doing what you dream to do, watch and learn, ask questions of them. Use social media to follow them, read or listen to their books, blogs and posts, work out what how they operate and duplicate that. 

So once you have finished reading this, don’t turn on the idiot box unless you are watching a video on a successful person, go find the best way to feed your mind and do that.

We should never stop learning, until the day we die.

Go out and discover your passion, find a way to have that, in the best way possible. Go and create the life you want. Dream and achieve a life you love. 

"Get Back To Living" 


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Dee Scown

About the author

My sole purpose is to set women free from the societal and familial constraints that have held them back in their lives.
I do that by inspiring women through business coaching, inspirational and educational speaking, and on a deeper level with Creatrix® Transformology®. I am adept at getting to the root of a woman’s issues and directing her to resolve those challenges, in all areas of her life.

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