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7 Awesome Tips On How To Use A Diary

By Dee Scown

March 6, 2019

Diaries! Or calendars for our American friends These are an essential for anyone with a life! While we have moved into the techy world, I have found that a paper diary is still a must.

Your phone diary is great for audible reminders and continue to use it for that, but to really keep track of life's commitments you can’t go past a paper diary so I have put together 7 tips on what to look for and how to make the best use of your new best friend.

Tip # 1 - Start Early

Purchase your diary in October or November if you can, if starting later then get one for the current year. We all know that there will be plans made with family and friends around cultural celebrations.

Having yours started early will mean no chasing down people for details, in fact they may be coming to you to find out what was organised. It also gives time to put in all the annual events like birthdays, making sure you don’t miss any early ones.

Tip #2 - Format

IMPORTANT get a diary that shows all 7 days of the week as full days. Many diaries are still designed for a period when men worked 5 days a week and relaxed on the weekends, we all know that is not the case now.

For both men and women, often our weekend is even busier with kids sports and social events requiring management of time, movements and of course catering of some sort.

Tip #3 - Style

Get something you like, something that feels good in your hand, fits in your bag or brief case and is visually pleasant and inspiring. You will be using this important tool every day of your life, so enjoy it on every level possible.

Tip #4 - Additional space

Find a diary that has extra pages each week or month or a notebook attached, even pockets to add your own.  

There are always times we need to take notes, are inspired by something and brainstorming or just wish to doodle for enjoyment.

If these opportunities are made easy to accommodate then the information will stay safe and readily accessible.

Tip #5 - Schedule Updates

It is critical to review your diary at least once a week, this ensures you remember events you need to prepare for, set alarms for, or to remind others that you will be meeting them or perhaps will not be available at certain times.

So set a weekly time to go over the plans and bookings, you may also find you will review the past week, see how much you have achieved and pick up on any tasks that had to slide.

Tip #6 - Book mark system

Have a substantial bookmark for the current week, and some form of minor marker for the next couple of weeks, this ensures you open to the current week easily and that you can properly locate the next couple of weeks to schedule in advance.

Tip #7 - Open all hours

Keep your diary open on your desk or table, while it will be closed when on the move, bring it out when you stop. All too often we make verbal arrangements with people and some will forget, don’t let that be you (if the others forget then you can spend the time catching up some other task – from your diary!)

The benefits – when writing something down we tend to remember it far better, we have not just thought of the plan, we have possibly heard it, we have seen it in written form and that is because we wrote it. This embeds the memory more firmly, but don’t think that means you don’t need the diary, because suddenly you won’t be so savvy!

Paper diaries keep the data, most digital products drop all of the data off over time, frequently we want or need a record of events, this can only be done by starting with a paper record.

Should you want to digitise it later, then take photos of relevant pages and then dispose of the paper by sending it to a be recycled.

I use and highly recommend the Erin Condren brand. That is my last few copies in the image at the top of the page.

Do you use a hard copy diary? Or an online journal/diary perhaps? Let us know your preference in the comments below.  


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