September 8


Hypnosis – Myths Debunked!

By Dee Scown

September 8, 2019

There are some interesting ideas about hypnosis that circulate in the general public. Just like others I had wondered about the concept of giving over control to someone else. That however is the first myth we must debunk.

Hypnosis allows us to access what we refer to as out unconscious mind, the place where we hold our values firmly. Therefore we would not do something against our moral code under hypnosis, nor would we do something completely out of character, those that "cluck like chickens" in stage shows would most likely do the same with enough peer pressure in the right environment. Control - debunked.

Hypnosis is not actually a proper sleep state, although the terminology is used to get the client into a very relaxed state. Those under hypnosis are aware of what is going on around them but they are in a mental state that allows them to ignore those noises that are not relevant to the current need. If the fire alarm went off you would know it and you would "waken" and react accordingly. Sleep - debunked.

"I have never been hypnotised." 

Sorry but we all enter this state at least twice a day and often more times. Every time you wake up or go to sleep you have a moment in the unconscious mind. 

For those like me that do a large amount of road travel, you know those times you can't recall going through a town? but you are well past it? that is when the unconsious mind has stepped up. You were perfectly safe, your conscious mind was looking after the driving but your memory storage was elsewhere. Myth 3 debunked.

Now we all know a little more - if you are curious about the services offered in Hypnotherapy please feel free to contact me. I have just passed the exam for the American Board and would love to support those in need.


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