June 7


Manifesting? How To Turn Dreams Into A Reality

By Dee Scown

June 7, 2018

Do you manifest all that you want?

I have been struggling to accept the concept of Manifesting in life’s completeness. Until that is, the amazing Miriam Castilla explained it in a new way.

She spoke of the idea or thought being the first manifestation in a series of the evolution of our desires. The analogy she used was one of pregnancy, we know when we are pregnant but we don’t expect to have the baby in our arms right in that moment.

Ahh, the penny finally dropped, my mind spun with other analogies.

We get frustrated these days as we wait for the kettle to boil or for the microwave to heat an item in 5 minutes, when the stove would take 15 minutes and the oven half an hour. Before pop up toasters we had to toast each side separately, now it’s both sides at once and it is popped away from the heat. 

So why do we question or disbelieve that the beginnings of a manifestation will ultimately bring it into fruition?

And by that very questioning, we delay or completely turn of the evolution of our wishes.

Much like the frustration with kitchen appliances, we flip the switch back off, then wonder why the coffee isn’t hot and the pie is cold, and the bread is ….bread.

Let’s revisit those things that we already have or have had, what is it that you have always managed to achieve or maintain?

For me I have said for many years “I always have a roof over my head and food on the table” and that is completely true, there are times I wondered where it was coming from, but it always arrived, sometimes just in the nick of time.

What is it that you have always manifested and now simply accept it in your life? Look at those things, events or even people and recognise that you thought the idea first, you had a vision, a concept and a belief, and that belief became so.

Now let’s extrapolate that to the now and the future.

What is it you have right in this moment that if you look back at your past, you recall designing it/him/her much earlier? And what are the things you want in your future that your mind can design now?

We have to be active in our manifestations still, so winning the lottery may not be an appropriate goal, but there are so many ways to bring about a manifestation.

When you visualise something in your mind, your logic brain doesn’t really know that it hasn’t happened.

Anthony Hopkins, when making a movie where his character has a heart attack told the crew that they needed to do this scene only once, because his brain would not know that is wasn’t an actual heart attack.

So when next you meditate on the future, take your mind to where you want to be, with those you want to be with and surrounded by that which you desire.

Thank you Miriam Castilla for sharing your wisdom.

Share you successes with manifesting in the comment box below. Your stories and advice could go a long way to helping inspire and motivate other incredible women.


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