September 12


My Top 5 Tips For Advanced Planning

By Dee Scown

September 12, 2019

It is interesting to talk to different business owners at this time of year, some are ramping up for a huge onslaught for Christmas and other festivals coming in the next few months, while others are struggling to get engagement as people gear for large breaks over the summer months here in Australia.

Do you put things off until next year? Do you say no to opportunities that are scheduled later in the current year? Are you expecting the months to get busy and hectic?

If you are, then that is exactly what will happen! Your unconscious mind will set up scenarios where you are rushed and frantic.

What if you could change that? Would that make life easier?

Here are my 5 tips for advance planning.

#Tip 1

Get your calendar/diary for next year, NOW! We never remember all the things we think we can even though we think we will.

#Tip 2

Schedule in the important personal dates first, they will be the dates that cause you the most grief if you forget them or don’t plan effectively for them.

#Tip 3

Make sure those you work with have also sourced their diaries and planners, co-ordinating joint ventures and knowing who is on deck and when is important to establish early for good flow.

#Tip 4

Planning major events? Start contacting venues well before the year starts (best done via email as they will be very busy at the end of the year, give them your number so they can call you)

#Tip 5

Pencil in all unconfirmed details, let’s face it we all forget and sometimes double book, pencil can be erased or written over in pen. Use the pencil just in case.

You can find more hints in my earlier blog by clicking below.

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